What is Character Education

What is Character Education? 

Personality comprises various traits, some of which are responsive to coaching and can therefore be improved.  We refer to this improvable aspect of personality as 'character' ( Kristjansson,2015). 

The term ‘character education’ refers to all educational efforts to improve this aspect of personality by teaching virtues such as honesty and perseverance.

Character education can be implicit or explicit; character can be ‘caught’ through the ethos, culture, language and role models people are exposed to through their environment and it can also be ‘taught’ through formal activities designed specifically to promote virtues. The goal of character education is to help people to become more virtuous by adopting new virtues and developing those they already have.

For more information about character education in schools please click here  to read A Framework for Character Education in Schools by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues at the University of Birmigham.