• “Since we've talked about kindness in particular and self-control, they've started doing things in a different way. And it’s only been a few weeks, but... we talked about self-control with putting our hands up instead of shouting out, and if you really want to say something you could press pause... and you do see them sitting there and pressing pause on the carpet.” (Teacher)
  • I am very pleased with Floreat, I have noticed a big change in my son academically as well as in terms of behaviour and character. I would recommend Floreat to any parent interested in the well-being of their children. (Floreat parent)
  •  The teaching is excellent and our children are very happy. I’m very happy with all aspects of learning, especially the focus on character education. There is a warm, family feel among parents and staff too.  (Floreat parent)
  •  I’m particularly fond of Floreat’s value teaching; experiential and theoretical, very pedagogic to our children … this is delivered through the best/highest education calibre. I’m extremely satisfied with the school. (Floreat parent) 
  • I know my daughter is delighted with Floreat and that is the best feedback for me. I can see how much she has learned from September and how she looks up to the teachers. (Floreat parent) 
  • “Curiosity or something like that that, you probably wouldn't really touch on as a lesson in itself...you wouldn't really properly stop and take the time to talk about great people that have been curious and what comes with being curious. So in that way I think it has that really positive direction in that we will hopefully make children aware of things that they've not really thought of and try to aspire to have those traits in themselves.” (Teacher)
  • “This is very structured, it’s very clear, the hard bit has been done for you... it’s obviously been really thought about.” (Teacher)
  • "We really see it working!" (Floreat parent)