With gratitude 

With much gratitude to the people who have helped to shape and develop the Floreat Character Programme. 

  • Floreat staff
  • Floreat pupils and parents
  • Annaliese Hendry
  • Jo Glen
  • James Wainman,  filmmaker  www.vimeo.com/jameswainman
  • Hannah Asen, illustrator  www.hannahasen.com 
  • Emma Lennard, Civitas
  • Dr Tom Harrison and Emma Nailer, Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues at the University of Birmingham
  • Madeleine Lindley Ltd, educational book supplier.
  • McGrath, H. and Noble, T.  Bounceback (2011)  
  • The "Happy Classrooms" Programme
  • Robert F. Kennedy Foundation 'Speak Truth to Power'. 
  • BBC School Radio resources.
  • Emily Larson, IPEN
  • Geoff Smith, Kehelland Primary School
  • James Townsend, The Church of England Education team
  • Linda Sanders, The Laurels School
  • St George's CE Primary School