About us

Floreat is committed to helping every child flourish at school. In September 2015, Floreat opened two new primary schools in London and there are plans to grow this into a family of schools to educate children aged 3-11.

At Floreat we believe that a true education develops pupils character virtues while providing them with an excellent, inspiring and knowledge-rich academic education. Not one, or the other, but both. Through the dual strands of this educational model, we aim to provide an environment in which children can grow into the very best versions of themselves.

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Floreat's Educational Philosophy 

Floreat’s mission is to enable children to flourish by developing both their minds and their morals. We believe that the purpose of education is to develop children who are curious and hard working, who are good and do good for others.

Our approach is rooted in a belief that society – acting through schools – has a responsibility to cultivate children’s cultural knowledge and good character, alongside the core skills of English and Maths.

As a result of our educational model, we aim to develop 'The 4Cs' in our pupils:

  • Curiosity: unleashing in children a love of learning, the desire to find out more, and the confidence and knowledge to always ask 'why?'
  • Character virtues: helping children develop a broad range of character virtues so that they have practical wisdom and a desire to serve others. 
  • Core skills: rigorous teaching of the core skills of literacy and numeracy allows children to access the wider curriculum.  
  • Cultural knowledge: unlocking the canon of knowledge and wisdom so that children can understand the world around them and influence it for the better.