‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants

Isaac Newton

Creativity means we use our knowledge in new ways. It helps us to solve problems, imagine new things and express ourselves in meaningful ways. 

Creativity is not about starting from scratch to create something new, but is based on what has come before.  When we use our knowledge in new ways to make something different we are being creative. This concept is demonstrated by the fact that pupils who read widely themselves will write the best and most imaginative stories.  The work of J.M.W Turner is another example of this, since Turner is renowned for basing his own masterpieces heavily on works by other artists, having spent years studying the composition and techniques they used. By using his knowledge to create something new Turner became one of Britain’s most celebrated artists. Therefore, the best way to nurture creativity is to develop our knowledge.

We can express our creativity in different ways– through words, pictures, shapes, sounds, movement, and great new ideas. We can use our imagination to enjoy stories and to play games. Everyone can choose to create something. Some people like creating with paint, some with Lego, some with words or ideas – there are so many ways to create!  


It is fun to be creative.

Year 1

Learning new knowledge helps me to be more creative.

Year 2

Studying great paintings and stories helps me to be more creative.