'Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.' 

 C. S.Lewis

Humility is about elevating the value of other people.  Being humble means having an honest view of yourself, and while it is important that we take pride in our achievements, being humble means not showing off. When we are humble we admit that we don’t know it all and say sorry when we are wrong.
We are happy to point out when someone else has done something really good, to take our pride out of the way, and recognise that different people have different strengths.
We can also refer to humility as: being humble, being modest.  The opposite of humility is thinking too much of yourself, pride, boasting or showing off. 


Bing humble means not showing off, and is better than pride. 

Year 1

Being humble means we notice when people other than us are good at things. 

Year 2

Being humble helps me to be a good friend.