'Being good is easy, what is difficult is being just.'

Victor Hugo

Fairness means playing by the rules (not cheating), sharing and taking turns.  Fairness can be misconstrued by children as entitlement. To prevent this, link fairness to 'turning the arrows outward' which we looked at under love and kindness. Children should recognise that to show kindness (e.g. giving their last chewy bar to someone else) they might experience momentary unfairness, and that what's fair may not always mean getting the same as others, instead what's important is to make sure the poorest people have what they need. Fairness also means speaking up about injustice.
The opposite of fairness is prejudice and injustice.


Fairness does not always mean everyone getting the same thing.

Year 1

We have to see things from all sides to know what's fair, because fairness can mean giving more to people who have less.

Year 2

Being fair is not only about being equal, but showing love and kindness whenever we can.