Leadership and Teamwork

'A good leader is a person who takes a little more than their share of the blame and a little less than their share of the credit.'

John Maxwell

Teamwork is working in a group to achieve something together.  It means taking responsibility – knowing something is your job and getting on and doing it.  Sometimes working together means we can do something better than we could if we were working by ourselves. If it is your turn to be the leader, you are in charge of making sure the team works together nicely and the job gets done. A good leader does not have to be the loudest or the most popular person. They should set a good example for everyone to follow, and make sure everyone in their team feels valued.
We can also refer to teamwork as: working together, cooperation, collaboration and pulling together. The opposite of good teamwork is when everyone is out for himself or herself rather than for the good of the team. If everyone pulls in different directions nothing gets done!  The opposite of good leadership and teamwork is wanting to do everything yourself, without any help, and/or wanting all the praise.


We can have more fun and achieve more when we work together.

Year 1

Together we can achieve things that are difficult on our own.

Year 2

Good leaders use persuasion rather than force.