Love and Kindness

'Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.'

Mark Twain

Love is when we care about someone and they are very special to us.  It means turning the arrows outwards, away from ourselves. Love often means putting what someone else wants first, even if it means giving up something yourself. We can love lots of people in lots of different ways. You can show love through actions as simple as smiling and speaking nicely (please/thank you), helping or encouraging others.  Kindness is caring for each other in all we do and say.
We can also refer to love and kindness as: caring, giving support and showing friendliness.  The opposite of love is  hate or meanness, and the opposite of kindness is cruelty.  If we don’t find ways to love and be kind, we can end up feeling very lonely.



When we listen patiently we are showing kindness to our peers.

Year 1

Love and kindness help us to make lots of friends.

Year 2

We can show love and kindness in many different ways.