Of course I make mistakes.  I’m human, If I didn’t make mistakes, I’d never learn.  You can only go forward by making mistakes.’

 Alexander McQueen

Perseverance is keeping going with something even if it is really tough and feels like you’ll never finish it.  When we are working towards something we can face setbacks. Showing perseverance means learning to bounce back and carry on. If we get stuck at something, we might need to find a new way to finish it.  Persevering and working hard makes it more likely that you’ll succeed.  Sometimes perseverance can help us to achieve something big, like climbing a mountain or finishing a race but perseverance can also help us get a little bit better at things we practice every day.

It means that we should try not to get frustrated if we make mistakes along the way because practicing will help us to get better.

We can also refer to perseverance as: trying hard; keeping going; seeing a job through. The opposite of perseverance is giving up.



If I find something is difficult I can tell myself to keep on going.

Year 1

When things are difficult I can persevere.

Year 2

Believing I can do something helps me to persevere, even when it is difficult for me.